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Fleet Leasing: A Smart Alternative to Financing

A decision that can be equal parts polarizing and frustrating, but all-around important, is whether to go the route of leasing or financing your company fleet. While financing vehicles was the most popular (and traditionally acceptable) option for a long while, fleet leasing can frequently prove to be a more intelligent option to meet your business needs.

A Few Reasons Why Fleet Leasing Can Be Smarter

  • Leasing is lower risk than financing. Because financing brings with it unpredictable and frequently-fluctuating interest rates, leasing can be a more appealing option.
  • Leasing is generally less costly than financing. The lack of additional costs from commissions, warranties, and upgrades make leasing a more wallet-friendly option than financing.
  • Leasing provides more flexibility than financing. Be it through open-end or closed-end leases or minimizing future costs of wear and tear, leasing provides more flexibility to you and your growing business than financing.

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