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Learn about the most common myths about Fleet Management, and how they just aren't true. 

Fleet Management Myths Debunked

No matter what industry you work in, you are likely to have commonly-held beliefs that - lo and behold - are simply inaccurate. Myths frequently arise from anecdotal experiences, instances of miscommunication or half-truths, and training based on antiquated information. They exist, and there’s no getting around them.

What you can do, however, is ensure that you frequently update your processes, seek out current industry data and studies, and ask questions with regularity. These are just a few ways to debunk myths on your own.

In the fleet industry, a couple of the more prominent myths are that (1) fleet management isn’t a full-time job and (2) fleet management is a dying profession.

Fleet Management Myth #1: Fleet management isn’t a full-time job.

This myth is not just inaccurate, it’s downright offensive. Fleet managers are tasked with a challenging position that, in the very least, blends asset management with client service. When done with the intent of meeting or exceeding expectations, fleet management is the furthest thing from a part-time gig.

Fleet Management Myth #2: Fleet management will soon be automated.

Cost-effective automation is often seen as the bane of fleet managers’ existence, as (in theory) it would effectively make the roles of these individuals obsolete. However, with fleets being such a high-ticket purchase that requires the thorough understanding of a client’s business and vehicle needs, as well as flexible responsiveness to issues, the personal touch of a fleet manager is something that remains irreplaceable.

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Which of these myths did you believe before today? Why?


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