Equipment Leasing

Renting long term for your business? Why not lease your equipment instead and gain all the financial benefits.






Scissor Lifts

Skid Steers

Free Up Your Cash

As new opportunities arise, the need for additional equipment becomes urgent. From a family enterprise to a global corporation, all companies share a common denominator—cash flow is the lifeblood of business.

Even for companies with large cash reserves, financing equipment acquisitions makes business sense by matching cost to benefit, so cash flow is predictable and justifiable. Smart businesses let the equipment benefits pay for the equipment so their cash reserves and borrowing power work to fund their future. And that’s just the beginning of equipment leasing benefits.

Financial Sense for Your Business

Advantages of Caldwell Equipment Leasing

Credit decisions within hours

Up to 100% financing

Consolidated billing – vehicles and equipment on one statement.

Multiple pieces of equipment financed with one application

Lower lease payments than loan payments

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