Vehicle Acquisition

Choosing the right fleet vehicles is paramount to the success of you and your business. Helping our customers to make the best selections is a priority.

Caldwell Leasing’s fleet management and fleet disposal experts meet the needs of our customers, while maintaining the greatest lifecycle and residual values.

We monitor available rebates, fleet allowances and other special incentive programs for which our customers qualify, constantly working to deliver the most cost-effective fleet solutions. We have you covered for your sales team, executives or sales and repair vehicles.

Having your drivers place their fleet vehicle orders at one time keeps you from going in and out of the fleet vehicle order process. We will hold your orders until it is time to place them with the manufacturers, ensuring that your fleet vehicles arrive at the desired time.

Our purchasing experts work directly with manufacturers to ensure the accuracy of your order status and that your order will be ready on time. Any exceptions to the regular order schedule will be closely monitored to prevent delays.

We deliver nationwide through hundreds of new car dealers that we monitor for quality customer service, ensuring timely and convenient service for your drivers.

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